Fortunato can resurface your swimming pool’s worn, rough, or cracked plaster. When refinishing the interior surfaces of your pool, Fortunato uses only the best plaster in the industry. As a premiere partner of SGM Manufacturing, we are authorized to sell and apply SGM’s world-recognized Diamond Brite exposed aggregate finishes. With over 30 years of experience, SGM offers pool finishes that simply infuse superiority into any installation. Blended for durability and beautiful gleaming aesthetics, these fortified plaster coatings ensure that your pool looks and feels luxurious now, next year, and decades into the future.

Diamond Brite plaster provides unparalleled strength and extended longevity to the surface of your pool. And to give you the most elegant finish, we offer an unbeatable variety of SGM products, with colors, textures and stone finishes to match any pool environment.

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