Fortunato offers custom pool and spa services for both new construction and restoration projects. All labor is performed by Fortunato experts. We’re there for you personally, every step of the way.

Bringing an aged concrete pool to brand new condition is Fortunato’s specialty. Once started, we renovate your pool in approximately one week, without disrupting your everyday household. We can completely transform your pool with the highest quality, most versatile materials in the industry, giving your pool a new, one-of-a-kind appeal.

Our Renovation Services Include:

  • Coping: Worn or cracked pool edges can be restored to smooth, new condition.
  • Tile: Dirty or cracked tiling looks new when Fortunato is finished with it.
  • Plaster: We refinish your pool’s aged or eroding interior for a solid, durable surface.
  • General Restoration: Let us completely restore your aged pool to brand new condition.

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