What to Expect When Building Your Concrete Swimming Pool

A General Guideline to Your Upcoming Project

Please note this is a general guide and does not strictly apply to every project

After the Contract is Signed and FInalized,  a deposit of 10% of the total fee is required along with four signed and sealed copies of your survey. The engineer will then begin drawing the plans for your specific design, a process that takes three to five weeks. Once the pool plans are completed, a permit package is filed with your township. Typically, approval can take between four to six weeks, although the time frame can vary depending on your township.

After the Approved Permit is Received By Our Office, we schedule utility mark outs, which will be identified within ten business days.

After Utility Mark Outs, excavation can begin within ten days. Excavation typically lasts for two days, and includes forming the structure with rebar. Payment for excavation, 20% of the total fee, is now due. Tile and coping choices must be confirmed by this stage. The customer must also have completed plans for permanent fencing.

After Excavation, electrical bonding and rough electrical inspections are scheduled. Plumbing, including gas lines, is installed. At this time, payment for the plumbing, 10% of the total fee, is due.

After Inspections, a gunite shell is shot. Payment for shell application, 25% of the total fee, is now due, along with 20% of the total fee in order to install tile, border, and coping while gunite cures. Electrical will also be completed within the 28 days it takes for gunite to cure, followed by backfill and rough grading. The winter cover is also measured at this stage and equipment warranties are collected upon installation. At this point, patio and fence should be installed.

After Gunite Cures, 28 days later, WEATHER PERMITTING the pool is plastered and 10% of the total fee is due. After the pool is plastered, it can begin filling with water. This requires a confirmation of who will be performing the start-up services as well as where the water will be coming from. The pool must be brushed and chemicals must be closely monitored for two weeks. During this time the heater cannot be used and no vacuuming devices or equipment can be placed in the pool.

Once the Pool Is Filled with Water, the customer does a complete walk-through review with their FCP engineer and receives instructional lesson on how to proceed caring for their new pool. The customer signs release forms and maintains their warranty materials.

After Signing Release Forms, final inspections are scheduled. The customer must have a fence installed with self-closing safety latches on all gates. Upon township approval, a CO (certificate of occupancy) is issued. The 5% completion fee is now due. *Note* Some townships require a second “as-built” survey to be obtained prior to issuing a CO. This is the customer’s responsibility to obtain through their engineer.

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