Pool Leak Detection

If your swimming pool is losing water faster than it can evaporate or splash out, then the pool probably has a leak or two. With help from Fortunato, you can find the leaks and have them fixed in no time.

Do You Need Pool Leak Detection?

As a concrete or gunite swimming pool ages, leaks happen, costing you money in gallons and gallons of water if not repaired quickly. Leaks can arise in various ways, such as a crack in the concrete or underground plumbing, or a fitting that is too loose or damaged.

Possible Signs of Pool Leaks:

  • Rapid water loss, faster than evaporation or splash-out
  • Mushy wet spots in surrounding grass or soil
  • Visible structural damage, such as cracks or holes
  • Increased pool algae and/or need for chemicals
  • Higher water bills when using automatic fill


Have you noticed any of these signs? Contact us for a consultation about leak detection. We’ll tell you more about how you can find and fix the leaks that are causing your pool to lose water fast.

How We Detect & Diagnose Pool Leaks

Our leak detection and repair services for concrete or gunite pools help you avoid the frustration of trying to find the leaks yourself.

Fortunato’s Pool Leak Detection Process

Our 3-step process ensures you receive a comprehensive pool leak detection report that identifies any and all leaks.

1) Q&A Discussion: How many inches of water is your pool losing each day? Has there been any recent construction near your pool? Do you see structural damage? We’ll ask you a short list of questions like these to make sure we start off in the right direction.

2) Site Survey: We’ll take a close look at the pool and its surrounding area. This allows us to identify any obvious leaks, such as those caused by exterior structural damage. It also helps us identify symptoms of other types of leaks.

3) Detection & Diagnosis: Based on the information gathered, Fortunato will recommend the best ways to locate any leaks affecting your swimming pool. Common methods provided by Fortunato include:

  • Dye Test: When we drop brightly colored dye into your pool water at different locations, we can watch where the dye flows to in order to pinpoint leaks in the pool’s interior surface. This works because the dye will flow along any water current that is formed as the water flows into a nearby leak.
  • Pressure Test: We test plumbing lines for cracks and other problems by performing a pressure test. This involves cutting the water line in a strategic location and installing a test mechanism, then applying pressure in order to detect any abnormal results. If detected, such abnormalities confirm a leak in the underground plumbing.
  • Dive Services: Diving allows us to look for leaks in hard-to-reach places without requiring you to drain your pool, saving you time and money. Our diver will put on diving gear and hop into the water to examine every inch of your pool’s interior, looking for issues such as a leak in the main drain or the pool lights.


4) Leak Report with Repair Recommendations: Now we’ll report our leak findings to you and offer a repair plan to stop the leaks quickly.

Pool Leak Repair Services

Once we locate all the leaks in your swimming pool, Fortunato can finish the job by making repairs for you. Many small repairs can be made the same day. If a larger problem is discovered, Fortunato will recommend the best way to move forward with a multi-day repair project.

Ready to stop losing pool water? Contact us today for a free consultation.