Fiberglass pools

Why Choose a Fiberglass Pool?

  • Durability: Practically bulletproof – can withstand even an earthquake!
  • Flexibility-Strength: 17x stronger than concrete
  • Surface: gel coat surface – algae can’t bond, vacuum bottom only, very little chlorine, pet proof, kids can’t puncture, longest lasting surface available
  • Time for Install: 3-4 days once zoning and building permits are approved and excavation and plumbing are completed
  • Ongoing Repair Costs: no ongoing repair costs
  • Replacement/Resurfacing Costs: no liner replacement or resurfacing required
  • Relocation Possibility: easily moveable


Here at Fortunato Concrete Pools, we aim to deliver cost-effectiveness, style, and customer service that a fiberglass pool delivers to your backyard dream.