The edges around your aged pool don’t have to remain worn or cracked. Fortunato offers affordable coping restoration that transforms battered edging into smooth, like-new edging.

Because we understand the importance of durable edges, we specialize in travertine coping. We blend it ourselves, guaranteeing the perfect texture, color and design to complement your existing pool. Whether you’re lifting yourself out of the water, sitting on the edge with your toes dipped in, or hanging on for a cool rest, the coping along your pool’s edges is smooth and elegant when restored by Fortunato.

In addition to freshly blended travertine coping, Fortunato offers granite and stone coping to provide the widest selection of coping base materials. Choose among a variety of colors, sizes, and textures.

Contact Us for a free consultation. We’ll tell you how Fortunato can restore your aged pool edging.

Country Classic Bullnose

Ivory Bullnose

Noce Bullnose

Silver Bullnose

Travertine Pool Coping